Referral Program

We are so thankful that you choose to have your aquaponic system on FarmHub. That's why we want to give back to you. We created a special program, the Refer-a-Grower Program, where you can sign up and start earning some 💰 cash!

Whenever someone visits your special link a record of their visit will be recorded. If they end up signing up for the platform, then you'll get 10% of the sale for as long as they are a customer!

What does that mean? If you send us 100 friends that pay $15/month, you'll earn $150 every month! The best part is, joining the program is super easy---you can get started right now by clicking hereopen in new window , or if you'd like more info on how the process works, read on!

How do I sign up?

  • Step 1: Click hereopen in new window to sign up.
  • Step 2: Check your email for your auto-generated password and share links. From the same email, you can sign in to your dashboard to enter your payment info, download any logos or assets you may need, and see all your stats (like clicks, etc).
  • Step 3: Start promoting!

Here are some suggestions on how you can promote your Refer-a-Grower link.

  • Write a blog post talking about the software: FarmHub vs other products, a roundup of digital tools, an honest review of the software, how to scale an aquaponics system, a tutorial, "Why I use/switched to"
  • Send a newsletter: If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter, this is a perfect way to promote your new referral link. You can introduce FarmHub to your audience, promote a blog post (like one of the topics mentioned above), or promote one of your products with a sale or something that piques interest.
  • Link to the aquaponic libraries & booksopen in new window, featuresopen in new window, or any of our articlesopen in new window
  • Make a video or article about aquaponic resources: You could turn a blog article idea into a video, film a live product review, or incorporate FarmHub into your daily vlog (i.e. - "before I start work, I check my FarmHub dashboard..."). The sky's the limit!
  • Record a podcast
  • Add the referral link to your website
  • Talk about it on social media

You can get your special Refer-a-Grower link by signing up for the affiliate programopen in new window. This will give you a unique suffix for the URL like this and if you want to link to a different page all you have to do is append that to any URL:


Logos, Resources and Images

We have assembled a collection of content that you can use to help your referral content. You can download the assets as well as the guidelines hereopen in new window.

The fine print

There are a few rules about the Refer-a-Grower program you should know about. No "gotchas" here, just some terms to keep everyone happy.

  • Payouts are made at the beginning of each month.
  • You'll need to accrue $50 in your account in order to qualify for a payout. If you have a balance lower than $50, it'll roll over to the next month(s) until you reach the minimum.
  • Referral commissions are approved on a monthly basis. There is a minimum delay of 10 days before approving pending commissions (to account for any refund requests).
  • Depending on when a commission is earned in a month, it can be pending for up to 60 days.
  • After using your link, your referral has 60 days to sign up before the cookie expires.
  • Self-referrals are not allowed. The point is to get you to refer other people. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account
  • Abuse, gaming, adult content, or tricking someone into clicking will result in having your account banned.
  • In some cases, we can give credit to a referral partner even if the customer didn't sign up through their link (for example, if they didn't sign up through their link by mistake). If you have a case like that, contact us and we'll do our best to help.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of the Refer-a-Grower program at any time.
Last Updated: 10/23/2022, 1:45:24 PM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes