One of the most powerful methods to manage your farm is to setup sensors to monitor it from afar. Sensors can give you live accurate readings directly on our dashboard. You can bring any sensor you have with just a few lines of code!

The most common sensors we've seen in Aquaponics monitor pH, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, and Humidity.

Creating a Sensor

The first step is to create your sensor in the FarmHub dashboard. It is very simple to setup a highly secure MQTT connection with our IoT service.

  1. Log into your dashboardopen in new window
  2. Select the project you want to use
  3. Go to Sensors
  4. Click Create a Sensor and follow the instructions

Once your sensor is created, which only takes a second, you can then setup your code to send data to our service. Click on the sensor that was just created and you'll see the connection information.

The system will send the SSL certificate to the project owner. This certificate is specific to the sensor you just created. The email will contain all the certificate information in order to connect securely with our system.

Last Updated: 10/23/2022, 1:45:24 PM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes