Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started with the Sparky CLI. You'll need to open up your Terminal (Command Prompt in Windows) to run the following commands.


Step 1: Installing the Sparky CLI

Using the Scoopopen in new window package manager (recommended).

scoop bucket add sparky
scoop install sparky

To install the Sparky CLI on Windows without a package manager:

  1. Download the latest windows zip file from in new window
  2. Unzip the file:
  3. Run the unzipped .exe file (example: sparky.exe login)

Step 2: Log in to your account

After installing the Sparky CLI you'll need to login in order to setup your sensors, certificates, and manage your connections. To do so, run sparky login in the terminal and you'll be prompted to enter your FarmHub email and password.

sparky login


This session will expire after a while and you will need to run this command again in the future should you need to update your configuration.

Step 3: Setup your configuration


Before you start configuring your local setup you'll need to make sure the dashboard has been configured properly. You need to create a sensor, attach logs to the sensor, and get everything setup for the Sparky CLI.

Once you're authenticated you now have everything you need to get started. In order to get your data into the cloud please follow these steps for each of your metrics that you want to track:

  1. Setup a Source: This is done by running sparky source create
  2. Import a Target: Import the notebooks and sensors on your account using sparky target import
  3. Create a Link: Link the source and targets using sparky link create
  4. Start the Server: This is what actually sends your data to the cloud.

If at any point you get stuck don't forget you can simply run sparky help and it will give you the information you need.

Last Updated: 10/23/2022, 1:45:24 PM
Contributors: Jonathan Reyes